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Booking live music – points to consider when booking a

There are literally hundreds of live function and party bands available to choose from out there, so how do you ensure that you get the right live music booking for your event? There are a number of key factors to consider when booking live music so please use the guidelines below to help you through the process.
Consider as many options as possible

The more function bands and service providers that you consider, the more obvious it will become that some are more suitable for your event than others. Many party bands cater to a specific style of music, a specific type of event (weddings, corporate events etc) or a specific area of the country (London, Essex, Surrey etc). Always check the details of the whole package on offer before making a decision.

What is included in the live music booking?

Some wedding bands may give you a very cheap quote but does this include all factors necessary to perform at your function or event? Items such as PA system & lighting should be included if the live band requires these items to perform. Travel expenses to your function venue should be included, as this can significantly increase the cost if your event is a long way from the band’s base location. Will the party band take requests from their song list, or perform a first dance if they are booked as a wedding band? Is a full contract included to safeguard you from all eventualities?

Please see our hiring a live band page for more information on what is included with function band bookings through The Musicquarium. EVERYTHING that you need will be included in the quotation provided and there are NO hidden extras. All of our live band bookings come with a fully countersigned contract for your peace of mind.

Is the band ‘suitable’ for your event or function?

As every function band has a different image, repertoire, line-up and reputation, there may be some party bands that simply are not suitable for your event. For example, a band may sound great in your local pub but will they have the right mix of wedding repertoire or the corporate professionalism and experience to make your event run smoothly? Most professional function bands have a mix of repertoire that they can tailor for individual events and functions. Any live bands that you consider should also have a list of past clients and UK function venues that they have performed at to demonstrate their calibre and experience. The last thing you want is to book a live band that has a great demo CD and website but they only formed 2 months ago and your event is their first live performance!

The Musicquarium has provided live bands and musicians for HUNDREDS of weddings, corporate events, parties, university balls, product launches, themed events and regattas since it’s conception in 2001. We have a huge list of past clients and UK function venues and our list of testimonials from very happy clients is almost endless. We have the musicians and repertoire to cater for ANY event, and over the past few years we have provided live music for every type of function imaginable. These include:

Jewish Events (Wedding, bat/bar Mitzvah)
Corporate Events (award ceremony, anniversary party, product launch)
Parties (birthday, anniversary, office, Christmas)
University Events (Ball, department party, club event)
Regatta Events (sailing, rowing)
Public Music Events (town show, fete, restaurant/hotel event)
Holiday Park Entertainment
Cruise Ship Entertainment
Is the function band suitable for your venue?

Most UK function venues that allow live music have certain requirements specified that any band must adhere to. This usually includes things like electrical equipment being professionally tested, public liability insurance and noise limitations. It would be a tricky situation if you booked a band for your event and then later found out that they do not have the correct documentation and hence cannot perform. Noise limitations can also be difficult if the venue has a power cut off at a certain level and the band you book is not used to working within these limits. The result would be no power, and hence no music! Most professional bands should have the correct documentation and experience but it is always worth checking.

All of our bands at The Musicquarium are covered by public liability from the Musicians Union, all electrical equipment is PAT tested, and we have many years of experience at performing at events with noise limitations.

Is the band professional or semi-professional (i.e. part time)?

This can often make a big difference to the price, but more importantly can significantly affect the quality of live music and performance. You probably wouldn’t pay a part time mechanic to service your car, so why take the risk of paying a part time band to provide the live music at your function or event? The answer is usually cost-based as most part time bands charge lower prices due to most of their members having 9 to 5 day jobs and the band only performing a couple of times per month. The saying of “you get what you pay for” is usually correct when it comes to live music though, so please consider all prices carefully. Having said that, you should also consider any exceptionally high quotes carefully too, as some bands may include optional extras that you really don’t need. Always ask what live music services are included in the entertainment package, and if the price would be any cheaper if some of these services were not included.

All members of The Musicquarium are full-time professional musicians. We provide live music to hundreds of functions and events of every kind each year and have the ability and experience to deal with any eventuality. Our live music bookings are very flexible and you will only ever pay for the services that you require. If you have any questions about our services or prices please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you need any more convincing that our bands really are as good as we say then please see our testimonials for live bands from some of our very satisfied wedding and corporate clients.

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